Golden Hour

Golden hour is that magical moment when the day begins or just when it's about to end. All photographers, and especially landscape-loving ones, wait for this spectacular time. It not only makes photos look more vibrant, intensified by a golden enrichment, but it also makes shadows longer and not as harsh as in the middle of the day.

Please also check out my gallery of blue hour photos, the time that comes before the golden hour in the morning or just after it in the evening.

Twin Peaks
February 26th, 2020
Twin Peaks
Výletní restaurace Vodník
July 4th, 2020
Výletní restaurace Vodník
Blackbird Moon
May 22nd, 2021
Blackbird Moon
May 21st, 2021
Alpine Sunset
July 21st, 2020
Alpine Sunset
Water, Ground, Air
April 1st, 2018
Water, Ground, Air
Lazy Morning
May 29th, 2013
Lazy Morning
Early Summer Hikes
July 28th, 2018
Early Summer Hikes
Rush Hour
November 4th, 2018
Rush Hour
Dunes of Łeba
August 5th, 2018
Dunes of Łeba
Good Morning Kreuzberg
August 4th, 2018
Good Morning Kreuzberg