Odpad Fiction

A monthly comics about life in the wastelands.

Created in: 2002
Client: TLP

For some time in 2002, these comics series were printed in a monthly magazine called Internet by the Trade & Leisure Publications house. The story is about a group of mutant friends in the wastelands below our very own world. There’s so much waste everywhere that people decide to build a new level above it where they live, not knowing there’s another civilization a level below, on ruins of their old world (the story is by my good friend Marin Vaňo).

Having two sheets next to each other was great. It seems trivial, but the fact you have twice as large space was a big deal: consider you have five rows for everything, the first row is an intro, the last one needs to finalize the story of the issue, and you’re left with just three rows for everything else. Here we had five more rows, that’s eight rows altogether. Pretty sweet, and we were very fortunate to have a magazine which would give us one more sheet instead of space for ads.

Don’t miss the final cover where I join characters from Odpad Fiction and Velký muž zná cenu malé mince: Last Internet Magazine Cover.

Odpad Fiction 1
Odpad Fiction 2
Odpad Fiction 3
Odpad Fiction 4