Bookmark Saturday #1

Published on May 23, 2020

As I have finally finished my new blog (to some degree, at least it’s in a presentable state now, but I am far from being done), I decided it’s time to resurrect my Bookmark Mondays I was writing more than a decade ago. So, without further ado, here are some interesting links I bookmarked in the last week.

User Interface Design

Looking for a speedy tool to help you creating animation curves, no matter if you work with TweenMax or SwiftUI? This is it. Take a look at my lovely curve here.

Flickr’s Justified Layout

I’ve been considering this library for my image/asset/photography gallery. If you want to build your own copy of Google Photos thumbnail renderer, you can save a couple of years by using this code. You can also read how the original Google Photos renderer is done: Building the Google Photos Web UI.

Flickr’s Justified Layout.
Flickr’s Justified Layout.

This small script does a simple thing pretty well: once you mouseDown a link on the page you include it on, it starts to load the linked page to cache so that when you mouseUp, it’s ready. Try to click something on the menu here on my site, hold the mouse for a bit, and it should work. Oh, it also works well on the phones!

macOS and iOS


This is a crazy remarkable thing if you use Swift. As soon as you change a file, Xcode recompiles and injects it into the app if it’s already running. For Swift games, this is even faster than the new building pipeline in Unity. I’d love to have this on a real device, but it needs to access the binary, hence just iOS Simulator. Also, take a look at the InjectionIII evil eval. Crazy. Also, JetBrains have a useful article about InjectionIII injection on their blog.

Morphing shapes in SwiftUI

Something more about my favorite SwiftUI: morphing! You can use this approach to make something similar to how the new iPadOS mouse/trackpad cursor shape morphs based on what is on top. Or you can morph anything else, morphing is terrific, and the world needs more of it.

Designing an Accessible OS X App

There’s so much to understand and do when you want your application to be accessible. Take a look at the guidelines by Apple. Oh, and s minor self-promo: I also wrote a thing about accessible icons a while ago.

Game Development

Rider for Godot

Godot is a great game engine, which now also allows you to write in C#. If you’re a user of Rider (have you tried Visual Studio for Mac, which I lead the design of?), you can use this plugin for more comfortable editing of your Godot C# scripts.


Designer Slack Communities

I’ve been more or less unsuccessfully fighting with my information overload so that I won't use this for the sake of mental health. But if you are open to another Slack channel, take a look at this lovely list of designer communities. There are also some nice ones from the cities worldwide, but nothing in Prague, or anywhere near me.

One Last Link

Macaulay Library

When we were outside last week, our daughter came up with a fantastic idea: is there an app that uses machine learning to find the bird based on its singing? There is one or two, but they don’t work really, but I found this brilliant library of birds when I looked around. Look at my favorite blackbird, which is considered the best singer in our Central European gardens. Just listen to him for a while, it’s spring, and we’re locked inside, or are we not?

That’s it for this week. I have to confess that Bookmark Saturdays probably don’t mean I’ll have bookmarks ready by every Saturday, but I will definitely post on Saturdays :)